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A Message from the Founder

Honesty and diligence are the pillars with which we built this company. Our years of experience with construction have given us the upper hand in the field. Voghel Construction is client oriented and deals efficiently with any and all the hurdles we encounter.

"I have been working in construction for just over 10 years. From my first ever job to now, this is all I have ever done - I love building and rebuilding people's homes. There is nothing more satisfying than meeting a new client and discussing their needs with them. Things always change from the initial meeting, that is just how construction works, there are always variables. I feel that I deal with these variables better than most. I have always had the ability to adapt fast, and without huge disruption. My clients become friends, their satisfaction is my reward."

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To bring the highest quality service to our customers through communication, expertise, and planning.


At Voghel Construction we aim to give you our best work. We strive to keep our clients 100% percent satisfied with our work. The proof is in the long last relationships we built with our satisfied clients.